quarta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2015


Of course Herr Strøm isn't a 'Great Love'. Although I don't know what you understand by 'Great Love'. Look, I think that everybody one likes a great love. I'm no enthusiast of ordering things by rank: great - greater - greatest love, small - smaller - smallest love. I'd like to try to explain this to you. If I like somebody in the sense of 'love', I like him in a particular, unique way that I cannot compare to anything else. I like Herr Strøm in a very particular way and Williger in a completely different one. So if I like somebody then I just like them. And now I realise that, on account of this 'theory', jealousy is simply impossible.
Ruth Maier, numa carta à irmã Judith Maier, datada de 25 de Maio de 1939, in Ruth Maier's Diary - A Jewish Girl's Life In Nazi Europe, edited by Jan Erik Vold, Vintage Books, 2010,  p. 149.

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Marina Tadeu disse...

ter-se achado uma alma tão livre em semelhantes circunstâncias é uma espécie de triunfo. Este texto tem mais poder que o Holocausto.