terça-feira, 10 de outubro de 2017


Dear Madonna,

I heard that you can’t find a house in Lisbon. Let me tell you that I live in a small but very nice village named Caldas da Rainha. It’s near Lisbon. My wife works in Lisbon, but lives in Caldas. She goes every day to our beautiful capital. Anyway, you have to know this: Portugal begins in Caldas:

If you want, if you need, I’ll show you very nice places here that can be a beautiful house for you. Listen to me, we have in Caldas the most precious buildings crying for some kind of renovation. I think you have the money to buy, restore and be happy near the black swans and peacocks of our great Park. Know what I mean? Pea-cocks!!! Look at this and tell me if it is not a potential brutal home for you:

Concentrate, please, in my words.  I have not much time for you, but if you need I can show more of this nicest places in Caldas. I am very sure that you will love my suggestions like a virgin loves Caldas faience. Just a joke.

Love you,

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rff disse...

Paga impostos? Eu pago, e não são poucos...

hmbf disse...

Taxes in Portugal are not a problem if you are famous.

zen disse...

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